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Green cleaning

MOG Green Technologies provides leading technologies, products and methods for large-scale treatment of oil sludge, oil contaminated surfaces, soils and other substrates. As a pioneer in the industry we offer 100% environmentally friendly applications.

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What we do

Natural dedication

Anthropogenic load on soil and water with crude oils and oil products is one of the biggest threats to ecosystems today. Demand for waste oil processing is constantly growing.

MOG is the leading supplier worldwide covering the treatment of complex oil sludge including the extraction (recovery) of hydrocarbons as well as the hydrocarbon destruction by chemicals and the bioremediation of waste in one process chain.

Scientific Approach

Our solutions are based on a combination of up-to-date physical, chemical and biochemical technologies, ensuring full environmental safety. The methods we deploy are primarily based on natural processes.

Cleansed water and soil are returned to the environment without a ecting the ecosystem. The recovered oil products can be used for further processing and petrochemical synthesis.

Our procedures are developed, tested and constantly optimized in our research center.

Who we are

Professional passion

We are scientists, engineers, business professionals. We are environmentalists, happy to serve our clients with professional tailor-made services and personal passion.


Günther Villing
Günther VillingPresident of the Board
Bernd Sydow
Bernd SydowCEO
Dr. Mykola Gora
Dr. Mykola GoraHead of Technology & Operations
Dr. Sergey Seryy
Dr. Sergey SeryyHead of Research & Development
Dr. Willian Menezes
Dr. Willian MenezesProject Manager Cleaning Technologies
Eric Müller, PhD.
Eric Müller, PhD.Project Manager Cleaning Technologies
Andrew Grygorets
Andrew GrygoretsSales & Procurement Manager
Roland Hubatschek
Roland HubatschekSenior Consultant Cleaning Technologies
Ralf Schmitt
Ralf SchmittSales Manager
Sven Nagel
Sven NagelMarketing & Communications


In addition to our Swiss headquarters in Zug, MOG is currently present at three other locations: Our German office coordinates the sales activities in central Europe. The Ukrainian team in Kharkiv is responsible for technological development and international sales. At the Casali Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel our Chemistry Division is working on the further development of our procedures.

Our approach

Environmental Policy

Most existing procedures of oil-decontamination are insufficient. They are expensive and often the toxic waste resulting from the recovery and utilization process exceeds by far the volume of the polluted soils and sludges.

To change this pattern MOG has developed eco-friendly and sustainable methods and technologies for the treatment of oil sludge and oil contaminated soils followed by bioremediation.

Protecting the environment and helping our clients in doing so are the core values that carry our research, services and daily work. Since the founding of our company we have never failed to live up to our commitment.