State of the Company

Günther Villing, MOG’s President of the Board of Directors, about the company’s turnaround, new strategic markets and chances for an IPO.

Allow me to introduce myself: I have been a member of the MOG AG’s administrative board since 2014. When Genadi Man resigned at the end of last year, I took over his role as the President of the Board. As an attorney and economist, I have held numerous positions on supervisory and administrative boards, which have allowed me extensive experience in the strategic management and restructuring of companies.

Finances and Personnel

Following MOG AG’s financial distress we can now state that an excessive indebtedness and the resultant insolvency have been successfully averted. With the arrival of a new investor, equity was added and the financial situation stabilized.

We could not avoid cutting back on staff but simultaneously strengthened our company with new associates who are paid on a performance basis. Performance-oriented payment of associates with corresponding profit-sharing are central elements of the new HR concept, as is the promotion of a cooperative management style with teamwork on all levels of the organization.

Collaborations, sales and distribution

Our strategic transformation focuses the operational business and aims for sustainable corporate growth with turnover continually increasing within profitable margins. Existing contracts have been updated and new ones acquired.

We are currently in conversation with Hebrew University’s Casali Institute in Jerusalem about a new license agreement of the patented NHS+ procedure, which the MOG AG uses worldwide exclusively for sustainable remediation of contaminated soil. The talks are in the final stages; we are currently working on the contractual details.

Our sales focus is currently on the European market. Initial talks with central Europe’s largest national rail companies about the decontamination of track beds and operating sites have been promising.

In addition, negotiations for cooperation with Chinese partner companies are underway, and we have planned franchising in Canada and the USA.

As soon as operative achievement has been attained, the chances for a successful initial public offering of MOG AG increase, which will provide capital for further growth. In connection with this, we are planning a stock option plan for employees.

Altogether we view the developments in a very positive light and are doing everything to take MOG AG into a successful future and will keep our clients, investors and the public updated.

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