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“We transfer science into efficient technologies”

Dr. Mykola Gora, Head of Technology and Operations talks about agile companies, scalability of lab results and his role at MOG

“Green Tech in the best sense of word”

Jürgen Benker, investment consultant and long-term companion of MOG AG, talks about future opportunities, moral obligations and the influence of the Ukrainian crisis on MOG’s business.

Markets, mission and new projects

CEO Bernd Sydow on MOG’s strategy and focus, recent activities and plans for the current year.

“Real Innovators”

How does the scientific team of the MOG work? What makes MOG’s solutions unique? What are the market chances? – A conversation with Dr. Sergey Seryy, MOG’s Head of R & D

“We share a vision and know what to do”

Andrew Grygorets, sales and procurement manager, talks about his start at MOG and how he develops the best offer for every customer

On the green side of chemistry

Dr. Willian Menezes, chemist and project manager at MOG AG, talks about what holds the world together, his initial skepticism about MOG’s technology and freedom in Berlin.

New Disclosure Duties for Holders of Bearer Shares

New changes in Swiss corporate law lead to disclosure duties for holders of bearer shares.

“We did something very unexpected.”

Dr. Uri Stoin, Head of Chemistry at MOG, about his supposedly crazy research and the unexpected magic of synthetic superoxidation.

“The miracle cure we’ve been waiting for.”

Ronald Hubatschek, railway engineer and Senior Consultant Cleaning Technologies for MOG AG, on angular and round gravel, incredibly complex track remediation and the secret wishes of former railway board members.

The foundation for a longstanding success story

License agreement and research collaboration with Casali Institute

Bernd Sydow becomes CEO

Bernd Sydow , the new CEO of MOG AG , talks about his goals , the most important fields of action and his vision for the next five years.

“The innovative product!”

Peter Kleinlinger, Sales Manager at MOG AG, talks about market opportunities for MOG technologies, strict environmental regulations and the precision of Swiss timepieces.

State of the Company

Günther Villing, MOG’s President of the Board of Directors, about the company’s turnaround, new strategic markets and chances for an IPO.

From the MOG Labs

Dr. Alex Mojon, Chief Scientific Officer at MOG AG, discusses sustainable methods of soil remediation, oil-stained track beds and Swiss train drivers.

“Trendsetting procedure”

The TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH successfully audited the NHS+ procedure under laboratory conditions.