Green solutions

Our solutions enable the unique integration of natural non-toxic agents into the high-tech process of mechanical treatment of oil sludge, soils and surfaces, followed by hydrocarbon bioremediation.

 Our Services

  • Sludge treatment and oil recovery
  • Bioremediation of oil spills on land, water and shorelines
  • Reservoir and tank cleaning
  • Railway track bed cleaning and remediation
  • Scientific Research & Development Services


  • In-situ or ex situ decontamination
  • Polluted areas are totally decontaminated within a short time
  • No chemical or toxic waste
  • Commercially attractive methods through oil recovery
  • Eco-friendly approach
Reservoir & Tank Cleaning
Serving diverse surfaces

Safe and clean

Deploying our mobile tank cleaning plant we clean oil reservoirs and tank trucks from different kinds of waste containing oily precipitation, sludge and impurities. The Natural Hydrocarbon Solution (NHS) effectively rinses off oily impurities from various materials ranging from stone and metals to plastic. NHS ensures high quality cleaning of surfaces of tanks and reservoirs.


The application of our technologies and products protects from emergencies; by leveling the inflammable atmosphere self-ignition can be ruled out.

Track Bed Cleaning
Railway Track Gravel Cleaning and Remediation

On-site gravel treatment

NHS+ has been developed further for the fast and complete in-situ decontamination of rail tracks, applied with a special train composition, designed and engineered by MOG.

The contaminants that can be treated are grease, oil and diesel spots as well as all kinds of herbicide leftovers.

The complex and costly process of excavation, transport, cleaning or replacement and disposal of the ballast is no longer necessary.

How the process works

Oil Recovery
Extracting high-quality tradable petroleum

Hydrocarbon extraction

Most known technologies deployed to treat oily waste destroy the petroleum contained in the sludge. MOG’s technology allows extracting high-quality petroleum from the oil sludge, without affecting the chemical structure of hydrocarbons.

The rapid and cost-effective oil recovery process is carried out using the modular industrial plant STORM-15, comprising initial mixing station, centrifuge and final phase separation unit.

We guarantee the recovery of up to 95% of the hydrocarbon phase and a 100% environmentally-friendly method of recycling.

The regained petroleum can be utilized in industrial processing.

Research & Development
Academic approach to ground-breaking solutions

Science for a healthy biosphere

The R&D Team is structured in 5 Divisions:

  • Division 1: Chemistry
  • Division 2: Mathematics, Physics and Algorithms
  • Division 3: Microbiology and Soil Sciences
  • Division 4: Machine Engineering
  • Division 5: Customer Support Team with joint members of the previous divisions

The R&D Team is cooperating in advanced scientific research with Western Universities designing the suitable projects.