Integrating Green Tech

MOG offers a range of integrated technologies for the treatment and consequent decomposing of oil waste. Our products and methods are developed and constantly optimised by the company’s own R&D center.


  • Unique methods for environmentally-friendly treatment of oil waste
  • Innovative product NHS+ for rapid in situ and ex situ super-oxidation of hydrocarbons
  • Complete bioremediation of hydrocarbons
  • A dedicated team of experienced professionals


  • Customized equipment for specific cleaning purposes based on local factors
  • Machinery is based on a modular structure
  • Highly flexible equipment assembly
  • Bioremediation module compatible with all equipment lines
  • Technology adaptive to extreme climatic conditions
Biochemical Solutions
Unique and patented methods

Superoxidation with NHS+

The patented superoxidation agent NHS+ bases on environmental-friendly chemicals that completely decompose the hydrocarbons in any kind of oil-contaminated substrate including the toxic hydrocarbon derivates such as CHS, PCHC, TEC etc.

It can be applied in situ or ex situ. End products are O2, H2O and a non-organic oxide (X2*CO3) as naturally existing  in many kind of soils.

Certified procedure

TÜV SÜD Industries Service GmbH has inspected the NHS+ procedure in extensive laboratory tests. The certificate states that the “novel and trendsetting procedure is suitable for the fast and very effective decomposition of hydrocarbons.” For further information, please visit our news section.

Emulsifer NHS

Our own and patented emulsifier NHS fulfils two functions at once: generating a solution and then separating the hydrocarbons after their saturation.

It has been developed for efficient industrial surface cleaning as well as to boost the bioremediation. Shipped as a concentrate, it will be diluted with water for the application.


Hydrocarbon Degradation with Microorganisms

Our in-house developed bioremediation procedure is based on aboriginal microorganisms, grown in a biocatalyst. They are injected together with various nutrients into the contaminated substrate. Within a few months, the substrate will be free from hydrocarbons.

Physical-Mechanical Solutions
Flexible and fast sludge and soil cleaning technology

Stationary Cleaning Plant STORM-15

MOG’s patented Sludge Treatment Oil Recovery Machine STORM-15 cleans up to 15m3 contaminated soil and sludge on site per hour, reclaims the oil contained within and makes it industrially usable again.

The plant is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for the upstream and downstream markets’ treatment of oil waste, efficiently processing even heavy oil sludge types.

Mobile Cleaning Plant STORM-3

MOG’s Sludge Treatment Oil Recovery Machine STORM-3 is identical to Storm-15, but smaller in dimension, treating up to 3 m3 per hour. The mobile unit can easily be moved from site to site.

Cleaning process chart

The STORM-plants’ modular concept enables highly flexible treatment of pollutants to be detoxified simultaneously with the recovery of hydrocarbons from a wide range of oil sludge, creating no new hazardous components. The plant’s construction can be easily adapted to specific needs offering the perfect on-site solution for our clients.