“The innovative product!”

Peter Kleinlinger, Sales Manager at MOG AG, talks about market opportunities for MOG technologies, strict environmental regulations and the precision of Swiss timepieces.

Mr. Kleinlinger, would you like to briefly introduce yourself to us and our readers?

Gladly. My name is Peter Kleinlinger, and I am responsible for sales activities at MOG AG.

A straightforward question: what qualifies you for this task?

Very good question. As a sales and marketing man, I appreciate direct speech

[laughs]! For a satisfactory answer, however, I will need to go into a bit more detail.

I am actually a trained watchmaker. After training, while still young, I became a specialist for ferrous alloy. Together with a Swiss engineering company, I developed high-performance steel springs for exclusive chronographs.

After a brief period in retail, I came in contact with my current field of activity for the first time.

Sounds like an exciting new direction. How did it come about?

I was commissioned by the Minister for Economic Collaboration and Development at that time, Dirk Niebel, and the Society for International Collaboration (GIZ — then still GTZ) to take charge of the refurbishment of wells and public water pipes in various African countries. The diesel pumps were used mainly to draw water, which was becoming dangerously toxic due to fuel leakage and defective motors. We successfully cleaned the wells, and then exchanged the diesel pumps with solar-driven models.

I subsequently became Chief Sales Officer for an internationally active water recycling company and dealt with the cleaning of badly contaminated waterways and the restructuring of waste water channels, particularly in India.

With these many years of expertise, I came to MOG AG in 2012.

What about your current position appeals to you?

The innovative product! Without exaggerating, we can claim that NHS+ is the most efficient and environmentally friendly treatment that the market currently has to offer.

At the same time, this new technology has hardly been used in Europe in particular, so it is almost unknown, which presents us with legal challenges.The statutory provisions within the EU and especially in Germany require a whole series of permits from the responsible national and international authorities and permission boards.

What are you, what is MOG AG doing to move this forward?

I am very happy that we were able to bring TÜV SÜD on board as a highly competent partner. Together we are working intensively on the approval procedures to be able to fulfil guidelines such as the EU chemical regulation REACH or the National Soil Protection and Site Contamination Enactment as quickly as possible.

How do you gauge the market potential?

Our technology’s areas of application and potential users are quite broad. Due to the previously mentioned environmental ordinances and the—unfortunately—almost inestimable amount of site contamination in soil, on industrial sites and railway tracks, there is a great deal for us to do. The range of target clients extends from mineral oil concerns and pipeline operators to the chemical and mining industries and on to real estate developers, private and public real estate companies and the large, federal railway operators.

What has the response from clients been?

 We are currently talking with the major oil corporations, railway operators, industry federations and companies in the sectors mentioned that are looking for innovative, sustainable and, most importantly, cost-efficient solutions.

The response has been very promising, especially since environmental regulations have become much stricter over the last few years and have led to an urgency for action. Once the required permits have been received, we will have the best chances to be able to support our clients in a comprehensive way and take the leading market position in Europe.

Is there something like a dream client?

I cannot state a preference here. We offer all of our clients a nearly unrivalled, effective technology and the best-possible service. Until now, we have been active in markets outside Europe, for the most part, which is why our focus will now be on Europe. At the moment, I see the greatest need among real estate companies and developers as well as railway companies, who have to regularly decontaminate thousands of kilometers of tracks and, until now, have been using very complicated and expensive procedures.

Sounds like big plans. Do you sometimes long for your professional beginnings as a watchmaker?

You mean for the dependable precision of a Swiss timepiece [laughs]?! No, seriously: preserving nature, keeping soil and water clean has been my professional focus and personal passion for a long time. At the MOG AG, I can combine them perfectly.

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